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 Help us change lives outdoors!  

"The kiddos that attended Explorer Camp were I believe forever impacted by Three Rivers Parks. The majority of the kids have never been on a hike in a park in their life! Camp is such a privilege, and you have opened that privilege up to an isolated community that rarely gets to experience a scheduled, impactful summer event." -Cathy W. at MobileHope 

"Paddling an adaptive kayak was the catalyst that [brought] me into a new life of self-confidence I never before thought possible... my life has expanded to include surfing, sailing, hiking, rock climbing and cycling as well as becoming a certified Peer Visitor with The Amputee Coalition. Without the 3Rivers adaptive kayaking program leading the path, I would not be who I am today." -Erik H., USAF, Gulf War, Service Connected BKA

 Our current priorities are:

  • Explorer Camps - Ensuring that children in under-represented communities will be introduced to life-enriching outdoor activities including nature exploration, biking, fishing, and canoeing. 
  • Adapted Programs - Ensuring access and inclusion for persons with disabilities, including children, veterans and seniors, to participate in outdoor programs like kayaking, mountain biking, archery, skiing, photography and more.

THANK YOU! Together, we are changing lives outdoors!



Three Rivers Park District Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides important financial support for educational programs and initiatives offered by Three Rivers Park District, above and beyond what existing park district funding can provide. Three Rivers Park District Foundation meets the rigorous standards of the Charities Review Council.

Your donations help ensure that the programs we support in the Park District are fully funded, and help cover our operating expenses. We also accept gifts with specific designations, for example memorials, or support for a park, facility, program or project that is of particular significance to you or your family. 

Our partner, Three Rivers Park District, provides environmental education programs, recreation, and environmental stewardship throughout its 27,000-acre park and nature center system in the Twin Cities metro area. For more information visit